The quality of our counselling offers is guaranteed by:

  • qualified social educators and qualified social workers with longstanding professional expertise in counselling and equivalent additional qualification 
  • constant further education and supervision
  • a close cooperation with physicians, special services and authorities 

Our dedicated team of professionals:

donum vitae Kreisverband Coesfeld e.V. | Employees 



Alexa Strompen

Qualified social worker

Barbara Bülskemper



Theresa Borgmann
Qualified social worker



Benjamin Bunzel

Qualitfied social worker

Sabine Brömmer


Natalia Bergen

Administrative clerk


Lena Schulze Althoff

Administrative clerk

donum vitae Kreisverband Coesfeld e.V. | Board of management 




Berthold Büning




Rebecca Kluge

Vice Chairwoman


  • Ulrich Schneider / honorary directorboard member
  • Sabine Brömmer/ board member
  • Lisa Brinke / board member
  • Bianca Winkler / board member
  • André Stinka / board member