counselling confidential birth children wish advice


Counselling in conflict situations during pregnancy

  • Counselling and support for taking the right decisions
  • Information on financial and further support as well as social and legal benefits
  • Counselling certificate according to §§ 218 / 219 StGB
  • Counselling after termination of pregnancy

General pregnancy counselling

  • Counselling and help during pregnancy and following the birth of a child until the age of 3
  • Mediation of financial support by the federal foundation „Mutter und Kind” and by special funds
  • Advice on socio-legal issues and assistance in dealing with authorities  
  • Counselling on issues of life concepts and birth control
  • Attendance after miscarriage or stillbirth

Counselling and support before, during and after prenatal diagnostic testings (PND)

  • Illustration of chances and benefits of prenatal testings
  • Assistance during the waiting period before the receipt of medical findings
  • Help and information after the notification of diagnosis, if the child is ill or disabled 
  • Clarification in case of conflicting emotions and open questions
  • Assistance in the decision process and afterwards

Confidential birth

  • Opportunity to give confidential birth while preserving your anonymity
  • Medical and confidential treatment of mother and child in a protected environment
  • complete and caring assistance before and after birth

Psychosocial counselling in case of unfulfilled wishes to have a child

  • Dealing and coping with the diagnosis
  • Assistance during medical treatment to better understand the personal turmoil of emotions
  • Discussing different views on treatment and communication in couple relationships
  • Strengthening resources of the partnership and of the social environment
  • Assistance and support after unsuccessful treatment by reproductive medicine 
  • Developing new life perspectives with or without a child

Counselling after miscarriage and stillbirth

  • Respectful counselling and assistance in the mourning process and coping with emotions
  • Creating a space for the deceased child
  • Opening new perspectives

Counselling on birth control

  • Counselling on issues of birth control
  • Providing financial support for long-term birth control
  • Consultation for teenagers